2023 is coming to an end

Another year is about to pass, what have you done this year?
The industry is in a downturn, most of the first-party leaders who were originally established have left their original positions and entered new companies to rebuild their circles. The chaos of the entire environment has made the first party not the first party, the second party not the second party, and everyone prefers to use money to get things done. If you can make a profit, then do it.
The beloved BJ90 may not be able to get a license in another week, so I can only continue with a used car. Today, I accompanied my older brother to see an A6, but deep down, I still don't like it. I am really persistent.
As mentioned earlier, I played less basketball this year and gained ten pounds because my wishes were not fulfilled, leading to self-abandonment. I can't muster any interest in doing anything.
Make a note, I'll write again tomorrow...
I originally wanted to continue writing the next day, but I didn't expect that when I sat down to start typing, it was already late February 2024.
The kickoff meeting for the new year has already started, it lasted a whole day, and I estimate it will continue for another whole day tomorrow. I was the only one who dressed in a suit like an idiot to take photos, freezing half to death.
The industry outlook doesn't seem hopeful in the next few years, but in "crisis" there is also opportunity. Today, I will continue to work on my own small projects.
BJ90 has started selling with taxes included, and when I mentioned it to my wife, she had an angry expression and didn't want to continue the conversation. Perhaps this is a long process.
As long as it's not the end of the Lunar New Year, it's still considered the New Year. Let's have a late toast to everyone, wishing you all a happy old age.

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