"Crazy Tank" Revival Plan

These days, the mobile headlines have been pushing a game called "Tank Battle", which has brought back memories of my youth. Back then, I would stay up all night studying ballistics, showing great enthusiasm for research. I couldn't wait to download and play it, but, um, except for the appearance of the tanks and the game music, everything else is not quite right.

I searched on Bing and found out that "Crazy Tank" is back nowadays. In this hot summer of 2023, I didn't expect that there would be a group of people who have been silently persisting for sixteen years.

The classic v6000 version, the administrator's ideal is to crowdfund one million yuan, apply for a version number, open an official server, and get rid of the identity of a private server.

I came up with a bad idea. I said, why don't you find a few female anchors? Once it becomes popular, you can find a big brother on the leaderboard to sponsor it. It's clear that the administrator is very speechless about this plan...

Those who have played before or want to play now are probably already in their thirties. Come and relive the nostalgia quickly!

Group number: Group 1: 870272708 (full)
Group 2: 324600683

Big shots are also welcome to actively sponsor!!

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